Monday, 9 June 2014

Swanky New Peg Bag

As all quilters know the post delivery can be the highlight of the day or even as in this case the highlight of the month.  I was part of a pay it forward type thing (I think that's what its called!) and Mrs Soy Amado of Little Island Quilting made me a peg bag.  I did not want a coat hanger type one so the bag Alison made was just the best.

So this is what I had

Now I have this

I have added a tag so I can clip on a carabiner and clip it to the line. 

So all in all the best sort of parcel.
Now I need some sunshine.

PS Click on the Flickr button on Little Island Quilting and be amazed with a riot of fantastic quilts
made as a collaboration with quilters worldwide and Alison.

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