Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Finish Along 2014 Q3 List

Well its happened again - some items to carry over from the Q2 list although they are a bit further forward - so here is my Q3 list

Number 1 - Stairway to Heaven - pattern from Geta Grama - I have now cut out two sets and partly pieced them with just the small task of  layering and quilting left!



Number 2 - Half square triangle star quilt - As this is slowly coming together I can see that it will look really good when finished.

Number 3 - On A Whim duvet cover - I am adding the borders which have to be wide to make a king size cover.  This is one of those 'not sure how it is going to turn out' type project.  Making it up as I go along.  I do have a problem in that it seems to be quite heavy for a duvet cover.

Number 4 - This is my last Marcelle Medallion - ever!  This just missed being finished in Q2 so it should be an early finish in Q3- if it is not I will hang my head in shame.  I have sewn this a bit a**e about face.  When I finished FMQ the outer borders I sewed the binding on and then carried on sewing in the middle.  The theory behind this is that if I finish the binding it will stop the flappy edge of wadding annoying me and getting caught up everything- so I need to sew that down then!  Miles and miles of hand sewing...

Number 5 - Supernova Leftovers -This is a paper pieced pattern and I have printed out some papers so no excuses now.  (Also an Australian pattern like below)

Number 6 - Culture Blend - with an attempt at more interesting photos which blend cultures as well - Australian pattern and Chinese Bamboo.  I have even bought a 24" 10 degree wedge ruler.

Number 7 - Skirt, Trousers and Top - I have the patterns and fabric (for skirt and top) just need to muster up the enthusiasm.

I will be making the top

Number 8 - Super Tote - Noodlehead.  I have some laminate Echino  Stag Deer with glasses in pink on its way from Hong Kong so I need to overcome my fear of bag making!  With some bag patterns there is such a long list of items required - I don't know what half of them are - usually starting with the word Pellon. - how many blinking types of Pellon can there be?
So there we have it - a very ambitious list but here's hoping...

Enjoy your summer stitching wherever you are , whatever you are stitching

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