Monday, 7 April 2014

Finish Along 2014 Q2

Well its not good to be starting a new quarter with 4 items out of 6 from the previous one going at the top of this one, but that is the sorry state of affairs happening around here.
So to start we have the...

1. Marcelle Medallion - progressed to layering and quilting

2. Frankenstein Marcelle Medallion - still needs some borders

3.  On A Whim duvet cover - needs some stitching together and then working out how to make a proper duvet cover - all professional looking!

4.  Giant Vintage Star - still  ready and waiting for some machine quilting.

And to finish we have some that were not carried over - making a list of 6 again.

5.  HST quilt - needs piecing onwards.


6.  Geta Grama Stairway to Heaven - need to think about starting! This photo is awful so have a look at Geta's blog - stunning quilt patterns.
Thanks for looking.




  1. good luck on your second quarter FAL list :)

  2. Best wishes for your finishes!

  3. Oh some lovely ideas! As a weekend quilter myself I guess we're in for a challenge x al

    1. Hi Alison
      Thank you for your comment. I clicked on your name but could not connect to a blog but I am not to sure what that means!