Saturday, 4 October 2014

A Finish but not a loved one!

Number 3 on FAL 2014 Q3 list

I have finished making the duvet cover from the On A Whim pattern with AMH fabric Maybe and I added wide borders in Moda Bella Solids in Sea to make a kingsize.  I am so glad to see this finished  as I really do not like it one bit.  I thought there was an issue with weight so I weighed it and it comes in at 5lb 4oz whereas a shop bought cotton king size cover is 2lb 14oz. Its other vital statistics are W89" X H83" which is in part due to my lets make it up as I go along approach to this.  I knew from very early on I had made a mistake - never again!  I almost slid in a layer of wadding and thought about quilting it. The fabric used on the back was bought in error - I bought lilac instead of blue but used it anyway just to get rid of it.  Anyway here are some photos of the duvet cover -

My Duvet Cover 2280 grams

Shop purchased Scion Duvet Cover 1309grams
AMH on the back needing an iron

That's me all done with duvet covers!
Who knows maybe I will take it apart and turn into a regular quilt.

Happy Sewing

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