Saturday, 4 October 2014

Finish Along 2014 Q4 List

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Finish Along 2014
So here is my Finish Along 2014 Q4 list. I am slightly fed up with making quilts as I do not really have anyone to make them for now.   I suppose it could be that I am fed up with looking at the old ones I have on the go so I have ditched some items off the previous list as I will never fancy finishing them and added a couple of new ones as well as some the same, still at the same stage of non-completion as last time.  To contradict my previous sentence most of the list is quilts!

Number 1:  Making a welcome return from earlier in the year is the AMH Art Student Tote Bag.  Everything bought and help, advice and re-written pattern instructions (not by me!) in place.

Number 2:  A new entry in at Number 2 is an I Spy baby boy quilt

Number 3:  Supernova - on its way

Number 4:  Gypsy Wife - also started

Number 5:  HST Summersville - making a re appearance.

Number 6:  Top - also making a re appearance.

Number 7:  Added as a displacement Activity.  I have decided cutting up 2 1/2 " squares is much easier than tackling the Art Student Tote.  They will be put to good use in a stash busting Scrap Vomit Pattern Quilt - always years behind the band wagon. For some reason my add link does not work but the version I am following is from I Am a Ginger Monkey Blog.

Well that's plenty of Autumn sewing to be getting on with.

Happy Sewing


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  1. You have quite a list there. I especially like your Summersville quilt; the fabric is so fresh and cheerful it will be beautiful when it's finished. Good luck in finishing them.